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Grand Wailea Maui
outheld hands display seeds pulled from stems of leaves held in other hand

Our Green Pledge

At Grand Wailea, our commitment to environmental sustainability is integrated into everything we do. We treasure our island community and play our part to conserve its natural resources by implementing resort-wide water-saving, solid waste reduction, and energy-saving measures. We strive to set a positive example through our actions, including sourcing almost 75% of our produce from farms in Hawai'i, recycling cooking oil and green waste, planting indigenous drought-resistant plants to save water, and operating our guest and meeting rooms in an energy-efficient manner. In addition, we aim to better our local community through strategic green investments and targeted philanthropy.

Our care for our island home extends to safeguarding its environment. We incorporate a range of innovative water-saving, solid waste reduction, and energy-saving measures into our resort operations, ensuring that we minimize our impacts on the local environment. We also invest in and donate to the local communities that surround our resort, which strengthens our social ecosystem and creates positive change in the lives of our guests and our neighbors.


Since we opened our doors in 1991, we have aimed not only to preserve and safeguard the cultural heritage of our island home, but also to share it with our guests from all over the world.


From hula and ukulele lessons to lū'au and garden tours with Grand Waileaʻs Head Gardener, experience our Maui paradise, where you can indulge in the essence of Hawai'i.