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Grand Wailea Maui
a statue of warrior stands amongst green foliage in front of a forest of trees

Cultural Experiences

Embrace Hawaiian culture at every opportunity with our immersive experiences and activities. Learn to dance the hula or play the ʻukulele, master the techniques of traditional Hawaiian crafts, or take a tour of our resort with our in-house cultural ambassador and see how the history, culture, medicine, and traditions of Hawaiʻi are intertwined in every part of our resort.

Activities are planned on a weekly basis; class sizes are limited to guests with confirmed reservations. Please click on the link below, or view our weekly activity calendar for a preview of cultural activities occurring during your stay.

*Prior cultural activities may be listed below for an overview of our broad offerings; please check activity calendar to preview which activities are available during your stay.

a woman dressed in yellow pulls a long leaf away from the plant

Cultural Tour

Join our Hawaiian cultural ambassador on this weekly tour, and learn about Hawaiian history and culture through stories, artifacts, and architecture at various sites around our resort.

E Ala E

Greet the rising sun with a rousing e ala e chant on the sands of Wailea Beach and feel the mana (energy) of Maui flow through your body.

a person reaches up to the branches of the tree in the background while two people look on

Garden Tour

Tour our grounds and gardens with our head of landscaping and see our “resort farm to table” philosophy in action, with our resort’s natural bounty of local plants and fruits serving as an important source of ingredients for our restaurants.

Garden tours are offered every 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month.

Grand Lūʻau

Immerse yourself in authentic Hawaiian culture with our spectacular lūʻau featuring traditional ceremonies, music, and dishes such as poi, kālua pig, poke, and haupia. Take a seat at your own private table overlooking Wailea Beach for an unforgettable evening filled with interactive entertainment, hula lessons, and amazing performances that showcase the myths and legends of Maui in all their colorful, fiery glory.

a woman and a child stand on one side of a wooden front desk while the child stands on their toes to see the person on the other side of the desk

Grand Passport

Keiki can learn while they play at Grand Wailea. At check-in, children will receive a Grand Passport, which maps and lists out all educational activities to visit around the property. After each activity, a sticker “stamp” on their passport will indicate they have successfully completed the ‘lesson’ and additional activities will be available after departure, including printouts for coloring.

Hawai'i Land Trust Volunteer Days

Give back and connect with nature through volunteer opportunities with Hawaiʻi Land Trust, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit and nationally accredited land trust that is dedicated to protecting fragile lands. Volunteer Days are hosted on Maui at the Waiheʻe Coastal Dunes & Wetland Refuge and Nuʻu Refuge.

Volunteer opportunities with HiLT are available every Friday from 8am - 12pm and every 3rd Saturday of each month from 8am - 11am. Visit HiLT's Volunteer page for more info and to fill out a volunteer reservation date once your package has been booked. In the volunteer waiver, please enter "Grand Wailea MĀLAMA".

Hele Wai Eco Reserve Tour

Explore Maui’s native forest and the private conservation lands of Puʻu Kukui Watershed Preserve through the eyes of a local guide during this two-mile hike, and discover a side of Hawaiʻi you’ve never seen before. This personalized tour gives you the unique chance to gain deeper insight into Maui’s native landscapes, local flora and fauna, and water conservation efforts—all while enjoying the island’s vivid natural beauty and stunning vistas.

a person weaves a leaf with their hands while holding the base of the weaving with their foot

Hala Weaving

Weave a keepsake from the leaf of the Pandanus Tree.

Hū Kukui

Hū is an ancient Hawaiian game made from the kukui nut (Candlenut tree). Come and make your very own Kukui Spinning top.

two women hold one hand above their head and one in front of them as they practice dancing in front of.a waterfall feature surrounded by foliage

Hula Lessons

Tap into the ancient rhythm of our island home as you learn about Maui’s history and traditions through the basic steps of hula.

Kukui Nut Bracelet

Make a bracelet from the nut of the Hawai'i State Tree.

a weaved coconut leaf is held up in the foreground with blue pond, trees, and ocean visible in the background

Lauhala Bracelet Weaving

Though many parts of the Pandanus tree are utilized, the most common in Hawai`i are the leaves. We invite you to a basic introduction of weaving a bracelet.

Hawaiian Language Month

Papa 'Ōlelo Hawai'i

We will share words, pronunciation, and history about the language through fun and interactive activities.

a small woven bracielet with two silver pieces sits on the edge of a wooden dock with palm trees reflected off the water in the background

Pipipi Bracelet

Let us introduce you to one of the most commonly seen tiny black snail shells on the rocky shoreline of Wailea Beach. Come learn about this interesting shell as you craft yourself a keepsake bracelet.