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Grand Wailea Maui
a statue of warrior stands amongst green foliage in front of a forest of trees


At Grand Wailea, Hawaiian culture forms the foundation of everything we do. We extend aloha to you to and invite you to immerse yourself in the essence of our island home. Hīpu’u aims to provide an immersive environment for Hawaiian learning, lifestyle and connection. We extend Aloha to you and invite you to immerse yourself in the essence of our island home. Located on the Ground Floor Wailea Wing.

Our location in the heart of Wailea places us in the moku (district) of Honuaʻula (“Red land” or “earth”), where the history of Maui is interwoven in the windswept coastline, the traditional fishponds dotting the upcountry plantations, and the sandalwood and koa forests that march upward toward the barren summit of Haleakalā. Experience the richness of these timeless lands in our gardens, where we grow fresh ingredients for Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa, or at Kilolani Spa at Grand Wailea, where locally sourced bath and skincare products harness the mana (energy) of these lands to restore and rejuvenate.


Join our Hawaiian cultural ambassador on a tour of the resort, where you’ll discover that the history, culture, medicine, and traditions of Hawaiʻi are all around our property—in our lush landscapes, our unparalleled art collection, our architecture, and our people.

Become an active part of our island traditions by experiencing them for yourself. Wake the sun with an energetic e ala e sunrise chant, find balance in our gardens with a meditation session, or paddle your own Hawaiian outrigger canoe and navigate the quiet waters of Wailea just as ancient Polynesian seafaring explorers did many centuries ago.

Our Green Pledge

At Grand Wailea, our commitment to environmental sustainability is integrated into everything we do. We treasure our island community and play our part to conserve its natural resources by implementing resort-wide water-saving, solid waste reduction, and energy-saving measures.