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Grand Wailea Maui
a wooden building overlooks the water lined with palm trees

E Komo Mai!

We are honored to call Maui home, and from the moment we opened our doors in 1991, we have been committed to sharing the essence and wonder of Maui.
Grand Wailea
October 26th, 2021
two sets of legs hop while wearing shells and dancing the luau
a woman dressed in red dances the luau as the light casts her shadow against the wall beside her

We are honored to call Maui home, and from the moment we opened our doors in 1991, we have been committed to sharing the essence and wonder of Maui—and of Hawaiʻi—with our guests from around the world. In a way, we want to give our guests souvenirs to last a lifetime—not things to buy and bring home, but shared moments and occasions to experience and remember together.

a man in a blue shirt and a woman in a strapless dress walk between two trees with a small waterfall feature and pond behind them

That’s why we aim to provide as wide a range of guest experiences as possible. Think of it as a canvas of experiences from which you can select the ones that resonate the most. This could mean yoga on Wailea Beach at dawn, or a thrilling sunrise descent on your mountain bike down the steep slopes of Haleakalā. It could mean a splash-filled family afternoon in our epic Wailea Canyon Activity Pool, or a quiet evening dip with your partner at our adults-only Hibiscus Pool followed by gourmet Hawaiian cuisine and stunning Pacific views at our award-winning restaurant Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa .

But as magical and memorable as these experiences are, we believe a Maui vacation experience should encompass even more. That’s why we put local culture front and center by incorporating it into every aspect of the guest experience. Wherever guests go at our resort and whatever they do, the timeless culture and rich tradition of our island home is intertwined in the experience.

outheld hands hold a smoking bundle of herbs against a black backdrop

For example, take one of our weekly cultural tours with Kalei ʻUwēkoʻolani, our Cultural Programming Manager and Leadership Educator, and you’ll learn that the very orientation of the hotel is based on the navigation techniques of ancient Polynesian explorers. And you’ll hear how the waters from atop Maui’s highest peaks find their way to the sea. You’ll discover culture everywhere around you in more subtle ways, too—in the art and furnishings that adorn each room, in the music you hear, in the words we share with one another.

We take pride in giving our guests this immersion into Hawaiian culture. It’s rooted in ancient traditions and practices, and we feel responsible for passing the knowledge along to every visitor. Doing that not only allows us to honor our home, but it also enriches the experience of each of our guests. We like to think of it as giving a great gift—a meaningful souvenir from our magnificent island home.

We hope to share this gift with you, too. E komo mai.

two people sit on white exterior platform surrounded by leaves and weavings

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