Specialty Cocktails at Amasia: Spiced Japanese Cucumber Martini

Ice cold Maui vodka or gin, perfectly sliced cucumbers, and a splash of fresh ingredients combine together to make the Spiced Japanese Cucumber Martini that is now being served at Amasia. Created by Amasia Wine Director Mark Shishido, we wanted to share our newest recipe with you!

The Spiced Japanese Cucumber Martini is regularly served with Gin, however you can also request to substitute with local Maui Vodka, Organic Ocean Vodka, for a local twist!


3 oz.     Fresh Japanese Cucumbers

½ oz.    Limeade

¼ oz.    Simple Syrup

4 ea.    Fresh Lime Wedge

½ oz.    Club Soda

½ oz.    Gingerale

10 pcs. Fresh Mint

1 slice  Red Jalapeno pepper


1.5 oz.  Hendrick’s Gin


3 ea.    Slices of Cucumber

1 slice  Red Jalapeno Pepper


10 oz.   Martini Glass


  1. Add fresh cucumber, mint, jalapeno, and all liquid ingredients into the mixing container. Squeeze the juice of each lime wedge into the mix and discard the shell.
  2. Muddle contents thoroughly.
  3. Fill the mixing container half way with cubed ice and stir.
  4. Double strain contents into the martini glass.     .
  5. Garnish and serve.
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